- Phosphat Rohstoff - Phosphat Raw material - Sulfat mit Calcium


Raw material Phosphorite.

Phosphate is a mineral raw material and an indispensable nutrient for food security worldwide. Most of the phosphate has been extracted from natural ores since the beginning of the 20th century.

Since then, the demand for phosphate has increased annually. Due to its great importance to produce agricultural products, the mineral raw material is of enormous importance for the international raw material markets.

In terms of value, phosphate ranks sixth among the metals and minerals mined worldwide, ahead of diamonds and silver.

We are a company, that has a license to extract raw material from phosphate mines in Syria.

The mine, although it is in the former Syria, is separated by area and we have obtained a permit to extract the raw material for further production or sale.

we can extract 2,000 tons per day.

With a purchase offer for a specified period, you will receive an attractive price - both FOB and CIF delivery is possible - depending on the size of the orders - we give a discount.


we also have sulfur mines.

we can deliver sulfur with calcium 18% or  S21%, Ca.9,5%   granules or flour.

we also produce granular phosphate P2O5 18 – 22 %

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